Have you ever “failed” on your diet? Do you ever feel like you have a worse relationship with food and your body after a “failed” diet? Are you constantly falling off the wagon?

What if I told you that it wasn’t your fault?

What if I told you that the diet failed you? Would that change things?

We only ever see the positives of a diet in our newsfeeds. We only see the before and after pictures that we ourselves long for. What we don’t see are the damages that dieting does to our body. If you knew that you would most likely end up regaining the weight you lost and possibly more, would you still diet? I know I wouldn’t.

So why does this happen when we’re on a diet? This is our body’s natural response to starvation or in our case, intentional starvation in the form of a diet. We convince ourselves that we aren’t hungry when our body cries out to us and in return our body slows things down to prevent starvation. Our brain then becomes obsessed with food…  “When is the next meal?”, “What if that meal wasn’t enough?”, or “Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE!”

As someone who is a victim of diets and diet culture, I know your struggles and I hear your cries. Trust me, there is life outside of dieting.

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