Do you struggle with boredom eating? How about hanger? Have you ever overeaten when you were absolutely famished? What about eating until you’re uncomfortably full? I’ve been there and done all of those many times. What if I told you there is a way to break those habits?

By listening to your body, not only can you prevent these from happening, but you can break your habit of it. By using the hunger fullness scale above, you can assess your hunger before your meals. Ideally you will want to aim for a 3 on this scale when you’re ready for a meal. By waiting until you’re a 1 or 2, you may end up overeating because the desire to eat is so strong!

You should them aim to stop around an 8. You may have to test this with your body to find out what the difference of full and stuffed feels like to you. Everyone’s body is different and may be hungry at different times. So, don’t let anyone dismiss your hunger.

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